Singer-songwriter Eclipses Adversaries and Influencers with her Transcendent New Song and Video


London, United Kingdom — March 17, 2017 — Emerging singer-songwriter Maria Kheyfets eclipses adversaries and influencers with her transcendent new music video for “Your Moon”.

Born out of a songwriting retreat in Spain back in September, “Your Moon” was briefly put on a backburner by Maria before Norwegian songwriter Morten Franck and multi-platinum hit songwriter Mark Cawley returned for a reworking. Now, having been mastered in London’s Uptown studios by award-winning engineer Anthony Galatis, the hauntingly beautiful track has an equally moving music video to match.

Filmed under the smoky light of Epping Forest by prized independent filmmakers, Lokum Media, the video’s striking dance sequence acts as the ideal backdrop for Maria’s poetic and sophisticated lyrics.

Released on March 10th, this enchanting contemporary dance video showcases the Russian-born singer’s remarkable skills as both actress and dancer, as she tells an all too familiar (but by no means less tragic) story of separation, longing and nostalgia through mystical landscapes and classically inspired soundscapes.


Emerging singer-songwriter Maria Kheyfets showcases her multiple talents in her transcendent new song and video ‘Your Moon’. Her moving, poetic lyrics are brought out through lush melodies and a beautiful visual dance sequence in the mystical Epping Forest.

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‘Overall, this is a stunning debut effort from an independent artist, and is certainly worthy of attention from someone who enjoys thought-provoking alternative music with a pleasant degree of pop sensibility’


Maria Kheyfets is a singer/songwriter and pianist in whose haunting compositions classically inspired soundscapes mix with mystical poetry. Her shimmering Kate Bush-style vocals soar over vintage piano sounds, complimenting her captivating and sophisticated lyrics.

Maria Kheyfets
Maria Kheyfets
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