Shawn Michael Drops Debut At 48-Years-Old

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The Resurrection Out Now


Greenwood, South Carolina – October 20, 2017 – It was Shawn Michael’s lifelong dream to drop a rap album and he made sure that he wasn’t going to leave this earth before realizing said dream. At 48-years-old Shawn Michael has proved many wrong by releasing his debut, The Resurrection.

Available now, The Resurrection is 11-songs deep. Shawn Michael’s debut features lead singles “Party 2 Nite,” No Sleep,” and “Want It All.” This is not only his musical release but also a celebration of never letting go of a dream.

This emcee knew he wanted to be a performer at only eight-years-old when he was the title character in his grade school production of Little Drummer Boy. He later grew into a fortified hip-hop artist touring with the likes of Salt N’ Pepa and Heavy D. When he became a single father, he knew he had to press pause and step up to raise his daughter.

After 20 years of raising his daughter, sitting back and watching the hip hop world as it changed musically Shawn Michael decided it was time to press play when he stepped into the recording studio to birth The Resurrection. He stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park with his debut.

“I’m no stranger to long hours in the studio and straight grinding on the pavement,” says Shawn Michael. Versatile is the one word that comes to mind when one listens to The Resurrection. Fans of both J Cole, Bruno Mars, and Notorious B.I.G. will appreciate what it is this 48-year-old rapper is dishing. Those interested in reviewing the album or interviewing Shawn Michael can get in touch via the information provided below.


Shawn Michael is a 48-year-old rapper ready to make his mark in the music industry and live out his dream with his debut, The Resurrection.

Shawn Michael

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