Shaakir “KIR” McAdams

Contact: Kir
Phone: 484-723-3340
Email: [email protected]

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – Kirs whos born name is Shaakir McAdams, is a philadelphia rap artist who is on the regular told he has alot of passion. Since the first grade Kir has loved music but has never taken it as serious as he does now. also as a child he had another love, which was basketball. Now as shaakir is 20 years old it is time to show his true talent.

Kir has been going hard since 2011 non-stop hard work which includes, shows,videos,vlogs,mixtapes and etc. Yet he did not do it on his own he also started his own record label with rappers, V-money and Rachet from Philadelphia. After starting this group Kir really started to get a heavy fan base. Hard work and dedication is his modo and unfortunately he wont let anyone slow him down from his goal.

Being successful is his number one priority besides his 1 Year old son. Success never comes easy and Kir knows that, “this is the reason i grind” Kir says to anyone who questions his future. With a recently dropped mixtape on Kir has been making good music every since. The mixtape is called “The Come Up” and it has been the talk of his neiborhood in his city of Philadelphia. Despite all of the record label interview and trips Kir has taken to better his career he still is humble and able to take some healthy criticism. kir says “he looks foward to being one of the most successful people out of Philadelphia”. Thats a goal.