Self Distruction


Contact: marcus rawles
Phone: 323-557-3017

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA – WestCoast Hiphoper a true epic artist that has swag
and also keeps 100% real . Self Distruction is the future of WestCoast hiphop has been in the music game for many years . Featured in the Rap Sheet back in June 97 issue , also apart of the Real Deal on MTV 1998 , just released on the Versailles Records the re-make of the timeless classic “Eazy-E” song “WE Want EZ” . Self Distruction is a hard working artist who lead himself to the battle and still fights for the movement of hiphop . “I could neva disrespect the (hiphop game)movement it’s inevitable that the music must go on”. The mistake that lots of artist make is the scape goat one . Blaming the world for their inablities as of the causes of self abuse . Some turn to drugs , liquor ,
and other destructive patterns to deal with this life thang . Hiphop is the expression of the inner soul and the teachings of the streets also the provider of lots of kids influence .