Selecta Badras Gets Funky with Reggae Beats


Better Life Out Soon

Santa Ana, Costa Rica – June 13, 2018 – After having played around the Caribbean and Central America, Selecta Badras is ready to deliver his infectious blend of Reggae, electronic and funk to the masses with the release of Better Life.

The new album, Better Life, brings out the best of what those in the know have known about Selecta Badras for some time. That he’s a one of a kind force that breathes a whole new life into Reggae. Selecta Badras takes the traditional sound of the islands and infuses it with classic funk and modern day electronic in a way that makes his style and new album, Better Life, that much more interesting to listeners who yearn for something more from their listening experience. Better Life will be released at the end of June. It will follow the release of the lead single by the same name, “Better Life,” which is out now. Next up he’ll release “Talk To Jah.”

Selecta Badras was known as a world-class DJ in Jamaica for a number of years before he stepped foot in Costa Rica and started making moves there in 2005. Since then he has been a regular on Costa Rica’s 105.9.

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Selecta Badras is a Reggae artist that infuses new elements into the mix that has a new album out at the end of June 2018 entitled, Better Life.

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