SaulPaul is a Musician With a Message


Contact: SaulPaul
Phone: 512-229-8681

AUSTIN , TEXAS – Contact: SaulPaul
Telephone: (512) 229-8681

June 18, 2012


Austin rapper, SaulPaul has been performing all over the country as an acoustic guitar-playing, loop pedal-pressing, linguistic maestro. To call him merely a “rapper would be undermining all that he has accomplished for the local youth who are corrupted by crime, drugs, and alcohol.

This is because SaulPaul is not your typical musician—his flows and rhymes are filled with real life connotations that reflect back on the mistakes that he once made. SaulPaul’s targeted approach with his music provides a positive light to the Rap genre, which is far too often dominated by a negative stigma of greed, intemperance, and egotism.

It was a little over a decade ago that SaulPaul was sitting in a jail cell contemplating his own wrongdoings. Charged with four felonies, SaulPaul was sentenced to ten years behind bars where he spent most of his time thinking about how much he would have rather been at school taking a test. He was a student at the University of Texas at Austin where he had obtained a scholarship for his academic success at his high school in Houston. It was because of the bad choices that he made that landed him in jail.

Once he was locked-up, a strong personal diligence allowed him to realize what he needed to do in order to get out of jail, go back to school and pursue a new-found dream of becoming a musician. SaulPaul made the choice that he was going to change his ways and was paroled after two years. Soon after, he enrolled back into the University of Texas where he obtained a degree in Music-Radio-Television.

SaulPaul will be launching a “Dream in 3-D Project this summer, which highlights individuals, both local and nationwide, who exhibit positive personal choices; thus allowing them to successfully achieve their aspirations. SaulPaul says that the overall aim of the project is to, “empower people to recognize to live their dreams now. My goal is to redefine the negative connotations behind the word dreamer. Being a dreamer, to me, means living your dreams now—and I want make sure that the people dreaming now get recognized. SaulPaul’s unselfish approach to his “music with a message is what sets him apart from the rest of the industry as he continually shows a dedicated interest in providing guidance for local, at-risk youth.

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