Robot Raven Release of ‘Set To Soar’ New Album Out Now



Greenacres, Washington – March 1, 2018 – Robot Raven is currently Indie Air Radio’s artist of the month with their latest release, Set To Soar.

Set To Soar may be original classic rock at its core, but it is so much more than that. Lyrically, John Rigg and Edmond Bruneau work seamlessly with one another to create music timely and universal. “Me 2” shines a light on the powerful #MeToo movement, while other songs like “Hold Me” and “The Little Things” showcase various stages of relationships. The album’s clever, poignant, relatable lyrics deliver familiar themes its audience can incorporate in their own lives.

John Rigg started out his musical career as part of the stadium rock band, Abiqua. He also is a world-renowned robot builder who owns what may be the world’s largest and most complete museum dedicated to toy and replica robots, called the Robot Hut Museum. His partner, Edmond Bruneau, was the drummer for the ’70s garage band, Sky Dog Band. He’s also penned two poetry books; Colors of My Within and New Hues and Past Tales.

Set To Soar follows in line of Robot Raven’s 2017 release, Life Goes On. Twelve songs deep, this studio-based band has topped even themselves. Those interested in reviewing the album or interviewing Robot Raven can get in touch via the information provided below.


Robot Raven is an original classic rock band from Washington that dropped their fourth album, Set To Soar, in early 2018.

Robot Raven
Edmond Bruneau

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