Southern Born Rob J Drops New Single Ahead of January Release


“Five Dollars Ain’t Shit” Available December 2016


Jackson, Mississippi – December 20, 2016 – New to the game, Rob J is looking to make 2017 his with a new album in the works, and a song featured on DJ ASAP’s new joint but first he’s making his presence known this month with his new single “Five Dollars Ain’t Shit.”

With the grit of Juvenile and the mainstream appeal of B.O.B., Rob J is ready to make his mark on the hip hop world. He’s already creating a buzz with “Five Dollars Ain’t Shit.” This single, as well as his upcoming release in January, will help him with his goal of bringing a sense of dominance back to the hip hop culture with relatable lyrics that resonate with listeners. He wants to be a guiding light for future emcees with not only his music, but with the record label he hopes to start up.

Rob J has big plans ahead of him, but right now the focus is on his hit single “Five Dollars Ain’t Shit,” it being featured on DJ ASAP’s Straight Outta The Trap House 17, and his own upcoming release.

Those interested in hearing more can check Rob J out online, or get in touch with him via the information below.


Rob J is a talented emcee from Mississippi with a new single, “Five Dollars Ain’t Shit,” which will be featured on DJ ASAP’s January release, which will also be the same month Rob J drops his new album as well.

Rob J
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