Risha Gorig


Contact: risha gorig
Phone: 917 337-0906
Email: artwork6@yahoo.com

BROOKLYN, NY – A Gothic Landscape created in music

Risha Gorig’s music is very visual. Her music is really about love, pain and loss. Risha says” I want you to feel my pain cause we all carry it at some point”. She wants your head to spin or cry out in anger. Her music makes you feel a vast landscape, a thunderstorm, the rain as it falls on your face. It is all about raw emotions. I Iike metaphors she says I want you to be suspended in water like your drowning or high up on a mountain top and feel like your the wind cause you feel so alone.Her music is dark, haunting, gothic, filled with pain. She uses the violins to bewail you as she sings of life and death.

Risha started out as a visual artist working in many mediums. She worked with 3 dimensional video projections and the started kinetic outdoor installations held 80 feet high with weather balloons moving with the wind. Her work was infused with metaphors of life and death also. She however, started to experiment with composing music and putting poems to them. She is not musically trained, but creates sounds and rhythms that are haunting . She creates powerful emotions she could not visually express in art .” I want to scream and howl and claw at the wind” in this way music appealed to her. She combines both visual elements and sound to her songs. Her music is experimental like Kate Bush, Nine Inch Nails, Florence and The Machine.

Risha Has performed through out NYC in places like The Knitting Factory, Dixon Place, Bowery Poetry Club and many more.