Rick Droit – Return of the Firehorse


Contact: Maria Jupiter
Phone: 903-240-4923
Email: songwriterbooking@yahoo.com

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Rick Droit has a style of music steeped in tradition and served with innovation and new ideas. His artistic and creative abilities have been part of pop culture for over a decade and his new album “Return of the Firehorse” is a landmark of expression and experience.

In this day of downloads and inferior quality mp3’s, Droit has crafted an album that combines the best of old school and cutting edge technology to arrive at one of the best produced recordings of 2013.

Drawing on the engineering talents of gold-record award winning Mark Hallman and a host of talented friends (Sara Hickman, Warren Hood, Christopher Yarrow etc.) “Return of the Firehorse” is an exciting sound journey through a rich landscape.

The album is Americana meets Roots Rock with a Texas twist, and evokes the feel of Old West Campfires and Coffee suddenly invaded by the Classic B-Movie Monsters or Aliens.

If you were tired of all the music you had, if you complain that so many songs now all sound the same. . well meet Mr. Rick Droit. ..he’s got an album that is something new, different and totally cool.

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