Ree Realz Keeps It Reallly Real

Contact: Tyree
Phone: 9168079743

SACRAMENTO, CA – Ever doubt someone and their realness? Maybe that is what happened to Ree Realz because he decides to showcase how real he in in his stage name. His name is just the beginning though. Ree Realz backs up his name when he opens the floodgate to his music and the jams come pouring out. Some, most, are about the ladies, but can you blame him for rapping about what he likely knows the most about? Love Bitches appears to be a ghetto love song, Mrs. Big Booty featuring V only left me saying WHOA because the content was, well, explicit. If you are into that sort of thing though, then you would be saying whoa for an entirely different reason. The girl party did not stop there though, because after the party (according to Realz) it is the After Dark Party. After all was said and done with the joints about the female population, there were other topics to be discussed and rapped about. Like money? Who does not? Well then check out Still Tryna Get Cake. I was sad to learn this was not about actual cake, but the beat made up for the lack of desert. Then there were the cool tracks that made you learn a little more about the man behind Ree Realz. Songs like War Stormy was showcased true realness, while I Just Rap laid it out flat; Ree Realz just does what he does because he wants and can. If you are into the young MCs that are out right now like Tyga and Wiz Khalifa, then check out Ree Realz. (