“Reckless” – The title of the new song


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HOPKINS, SOUTH CAROLINA – Atlanta, GA – “Reckless” is the title of the new single from the artist “Durt”. The first single to be released off his debut album “Not For Sensitive Ears” scheduled for release in late 2013.

After failed career attempts, felony convictions, to even being homeless on his rise to the top of the music game, South Carolina native “Durt” brings us a surefire hit single “Reckless” off his up-coming debut album “Not For Sensitive Ears”. The record is sure to take grip over the nation in no time. This will set the stage for Durt to present his debut album, Not for Sensitive Ears – slated to be released late 2013. Produced by S9ine from North Carolina, Durt points the finger back at critics and those judgmental of him and others. He emphasizes on the point that you can’t truly characterize someone’s life looking from the outside in over a trunk pounding, infectious, 808 driven, club banger.

“‘Reckless’ is a cry to those who think you shouldn’t be the way you are, when they don’t have a clue what’s going on in your life to make you act or feel the way you do, Durt explains. People live there lives worried about what others think of them, when the only thing that matters is that you’re comfortable with your life.” Anybody with a pulse should be able to relate to the track and the album. “I like to create records that talk to the soul about things most people don’t want to talk about or admit, no matter how ugly the topic may be,” says Durt.

No stranger to the music industry Durt has been on the scene making music and performing throughout the southeast region since 2009. Durt has released several singles to the streets, been featured on the Kacey Chrysler mixtape series, and performed at the Charlotte Music Awards Showcase. Now, Durt is waiting to see the response he gets from his first commercially released piece of art, “Reckless”. As he prepares his debut album, optimism is high within the industry that his album will be one of the years most anticipated albums.

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