New Album From Ravenscode

New Album From Ravenscode

New Album From Ravenscode

Ravenscode Releases New Album ‘Fire And Storm’ November 17, 2020

Windsor, Ontario, Canada – January 30, 2021 – Artists truly shine when they are authentically themselves. Whatever genre they’re playing, any artist becomes the best version of themselves when they aren’t trying too hard. Ravenscode found this out for themselves.

As a small four-piece Canadian rock band, Ravenscode played any gigs they could lay their hands on. Getting the exposure and opportunity to play was a lot more important than finding their own sound. However, soon enough, in 2011, they started to find their own sound when they started making music they loved.

Their debut album ‘District of Broken Hope’ was a massive hit, with over 80 million streams. Their alternative rock sound resonated with the people in a way that the old sound never could. Now, Ravenscode has released their second full-length album, ‘Fire and Storm.’

‘Fire and Storm’ is the second album, but what remains the same is that the band has written all the music themselves. This album is more mature and full of emotion. Songs such as “Imagine” push the listener to be a better person. Any song on the album will emotionally resonate with the listener.

The artists have a simple goal in mind, to produce more music. Their second album might have taken a while to come out, but the band is used to producing music that means something to them. Besides, perfection takes time.

Even as they release their second album, Ravenscode is thinking of the future. With a few new singles in the works, fans will have to wait a whole three years for their third album.

Ravenscode released their second album ‘Fire and Storm’ on November 17, 2020, and it is available to stream on all major streaming platforms. It is also available for purchase on the official website. Make sure to follow the band’s social media pages and official website for updates!





Ravenscode is a four-member Canadian alternative rock band. The members grew up together in Windsor, Ontario, and regularly played and pubs and other venues while trying to find their sound. In 2011, they released their first album, ‘District of Broken Hope, ’ which has since gotten over 80 million streams.




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