Pop-Rock Band The City Limit Releases Bluesy, R&B-Influenced Independent Debut EP, ‘Dreaming In the Backroom’.

Rockaway, New Jersey, USA — October 22, 2018 — New Jersey-based blues/pop act releases their very first six-song EP to glowing reviews.

Mixing together a combination of pop, blues, rock, R&B, funk, and folk music on their new record, The City Limit have been playing a slew of shows across New Jersey and New York in support of their ‘Dreaming In the Backroom’ EP. The debut release from the North Jersey-based songwriters, the six-track collection of tunes not only features soulful, jazzy, pop-oriented instrumentation but also folk-influenced, thoughtful lyrics, which Anthony Barksdale of IndieNation remarks, “is filled with passion and attention to detail. Every sound and word has a purpose. They create music that you can actually feel”.

‘Dreaming In the Backroom’ has only been out since late-spring of 2018, and has already received high praise from reviewers in the independent music press, such as Jamie Robash from Divide & Conquer, writing “‘Dreaming in the Backroom’ has a great flow. These guys are all very talented musicians, but also know how to get the most mileage out of a song by not rushing things,” noting that the EP “does a great job with collaging multi-genres so seamlessly”. The City Limit can be found performing tracks from the record as well as other tunes from their songbook at venues such as Greenwich Village’s The Bitter End and the Shrine World Music Venue in Harlem, and ‘Dreaming In the Backroom’ is available now to purchase and/or stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and all other music platforms.

The City Limit’s critically lauded debut EP, ‘Dreaming In the Backroom’, is available to purchase and/or stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and all other music platforms.

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The City Limit
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The City Limit is a New Jersey based blues/pop trio consisting of singer/guitarist Scott Lewis, drummer Sean Meyers, and bassist Anthony… ...Read More

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