Perfect Hip Hop duo for Father’s Day by Suspens® and Suspens Jr®


Miami, FL — June 12, 2017 — Father & Son Hip Hop recording duo Suspens® and Suspens Jr® is releasing a perfect song for Father’s Day. “Dads & Sons” is a jazzy clean Hip Hop song about the relationship of a dad & son; dedicated to all dads and sons, just in time for Father’s Day.

Suspens® and Suspens Jr® is an independent father & son Hip Hop combination with a new single titled “Dads & Sons” out just in time for Father’s Day. Perfect gift for Father’s Day. Perfect for a Father’s Day advertisement. Perfect for a TV show, movie or commercial that has a heartfelt scene with a father & his son(s).

Mothers should play this for their kids dads. Mothers should play this for their sons with sons. Mothers should play this for their sons with sons. Any dad and son that has a relationship will get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when they hear this song. Any woman with a husband & son(s) should get a similar feeling.

Production of this track offers a fusion between Hip Hop and Jazz for a universal feel for all ages. Suspens® pays homage to pioneer Hip Hop vets with a little rah! In the hook. He and junior go back & forth in the verses. It is simple a conversation between an ex-thug from the ghetto of Philly that managed to educate himself and turn his life around and raise his only son who he is bringing up the right way in the suburbs of Miami.

Download today for Father’s Day!


It may sound a little cliche’ but I swear I don’t think this has been done before at least not in Hip Hop.
Lets face it besides when Lil Wayne use to praise Birdman who isn’t even his biological father the norm is usually the broken family dad no where to be found routine. Lets praise all the Dads that broke the cycle with this new anthem.

Suspens® and Suspens Jr®
MiiMii Staton
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