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Bristol, England – June 12, 2017 – Born in England, it was easy for Paul Coelho to find himself attached to the likes of David Bowie and The Beatles. From them he not only found his love of sound, but an appreciation for lyricism. Over the years he’s grown into a talented songwriter with solid, meaningful and catchy music songs that he has put his own voice to, but would rather have others take on as their own.

A songwriter first and foremost, Paul Coelho has a cascade of songs ready for other artists to adopt as their own. His goal is to make a career out of writing for others but that’s not to say he has not had success of his own. Fans adored his 2012 release, “Smile” and his “Stars” was utilized on Viasat Scandinavian TV for a film trailer. He’s diverse in sound but aesthetically he is the same wheelhouse as his idols as well as the Electric Light Orchestra, Supertramp, Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Those interested in connecting with Paul Coelho about songwriting opportunities can reach out via the information provided below.


Paul Coelho is an adult contemporary songwriter from England looking for artists to collaborate with.

Paul Coelho

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