Oui’ 3 EP Press Release


Contact: Jim Xavier
Phone: 818-482-9332
Email: JimXvr@aol.com

LOS ANGELES, CA – 2012 brings us the follow up EP release from Los Angeles trio, Oui’ 3. The new recording represents a more “radio friendly addition to their jazz catalogue. The new 4 song EP seamlessly crosses over from Jazz into the Dance, R&B and New Age genres.
The band took an “old school approach by starting at Slideaway Studios in Shadow Hills, CA (originally built by David Pack of Ambrosia fame) with its analog environment and 2-inch recording machines now overseen and operated by Chuck Kavooras. They then moved to Pacifica Studios in Culver City for overdubs and mixing under the direction of engineer Glen Nishida. They then finished in Van Nuys, CA at Atomix Studio where the mastering was completed by Tom Rogers.
The opening track, “She Knows She’s Got It, is a modern day dance floor hit. With its infectious bass loop and funk groove, it grabs the listener from beat 1. The song then continues with a vocal melodic hook in the chorus courtesy of the band members which will be sure to resonate long after in the minds of the listeners. “After Hours is an R&B inspired track. The feel of the song evokes scenes from a late night post-party gathering of friends and lovers. “Maliblue then takes the listener and transplants them to the tranquil beaches of the west coast. The soothing melody and gentle rhythms bring about visions of rolling waves and carefree drives along Pacific Coast Highway. The final song of the EP simply restates the opening track minus the vocal hook.
Once again, Oui’ 3 continues to venture into new musical territories while keeping their artistic integrity in place.