Odaro Aigbogun


Contact: odaro aigbogun
Phone: 6262175326
Email: obleeze@gmail.com

About O’bleeze da flo atik (aka) Odaro Aigbogun

May 18, 1980 Born and raised in Harlem NYC, this young MC is no stranger to hard work and dedication. It was in Harlem where he learned his passion for the hip hop culture. Growing up was no easy task for the Harlem native due to poverty and the way Crack cocaine towered the neighborhoods in the mid 80s. Obleeze began hanging out with the bullies and drug dealers in his preteens. He felt that was the only place he fit in, kids that were experiencing the single parent drug infested households the same way he was. By the time he was fourteen he and his younger siblings were placed in the system. He soon after dropped out of high school At that point the young Obleeze was pretty much a lost cause.

He use to write rhymes and battle the rappers from the area with his best friend and crew member named Stacks. Stacks and Obleeze were members of the st nick 49ers a hardcore hip hop duel in the late 90s. They created a local name by collaborating their music with another rap duel that was already in the hip hop industry named the Teamstaz aka (gritty&Buggz). they were all from the same neighborhood going threw the samerealities of life. Rebelling against anything , he began slanging on the corners of St Nickolas avenue which at the time was what he did best. Until he got arrested about four times in the same year. although he never did any serious time that was still enough to get him to want more out of life.

At the age of 18 he conceived his first child Isaiah odaro) and was on a path toward being a responsible adult. He began working and going back to school in attempt to provide for his girlfriend and infant son. In 2004 O’bleeze obtained a two year degree in business administration from Monroe College. It was one of the best moments in his life being the only one out of his pairs to get pass high school at the time. Putting pass his dream to be a recording artist , O’bleeze decided to stop going by his hood name and back to his birth name Odaro in pursuit of a career other then the music industry. He figured even though he had talent the opportunity for him to display his talent had came and gone.

Jobs was easy for him get because O’bleeze has a good way of connecting with people and networking , Still he could not stay in one occupation. He eventually got bored and resigned and moved on to the next opportunity. After years of searching for an occupation that he would keep he decided to pick back up his pen. Realizing his talent has enhanced since then due to more knowledge of himself and more experiences. O’bleeze has a whole new outlook on life putting some of the most creative underground urban sounds on his tracks. He believe he has a lot to give the world threw his music and plans to expand using hip hop as window.