NYC Songstress Lachi Releases “Last Redemption”

Contact: Lachi Music LLC
Phone: 347-465-7664

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – New York City Singer-Songwriter Lachi keeps the music coming with the release of edgy Dance Rock EP, Last Redemption. The EP will be released for free on August 28th 2013.

The Last Redemption EP consists of four pulsing tracks featuring some of NYC’s hidden Producer gems. Deemed “very good by Tony Bongiovi, producer of Bon Jovi and Aerosmith, the high energy Party track Last Redemption, featuring the beats of acclaimed beat-maker David E. Beats, encourages those toiling in their troubles to let it go and rise up to pursue happiness like there’s no tomorrow. Trip Hop politically satirical track Take A Number, featuring the melodic loops of Oliver Crawshaw, heartens the listener to avoid being cattle. The Pop Rock poetic tune I’m Everyone, demonstrates with lyrical prowess, how everyone though vastly different, share the same insecurities. And lastly, Lachi brings back a Pop Dance remix of previously released track We Can Fly, remixed by Jimmy Fontanez, creator of the complex a cappella tune, Mi Salsa Vocale.

Lachi plans to release the EP for free on Google Play and also direct to fans who join the mailing list. Lachi maintains she will continue to supply good, free music to fans, as she works toward the release of her full length album.

You can take a listen to the Last Redemption track here:

Lachi is no stranger to the stage. Her songs have a raw and unapologetic emotional openness. It’s this disarming sincerity that’s garnered her a great deal of attention and respect as an artist. Lachi is incredibly prolific, as many of her songs have been featured on national TV, Radio and Film. Perhaps it is her legal blindness that allows her to bring so much beauty to the emotion inside her.