New Goosebread Album “Blobbik’s Brood” To Be Released May 11th

Cleveland, OH — April 13, 2018 — Cleveland, OH bizarro balladeers Goosebread have completed their new album “Blobbik’s Brood” and have slated a May 11th release date. This is Goosebread’s second full-length album, marking the eccentric duo’s first release since 2002’s “Crisp and Snug.” Although Goosebread has primarily taken a traditional single-guitar/dual-vocal acoustic approach, “Blobbik’s Brood” is a concept album with a more diverse aural landscape. The new album incorporates dual guitars, underscores of piano, atmospheric synthesizers, and for the first time in the history of Goosebread; drums make an appearance.

“Blobbik’s Brood” is a uniquely dark listening experience in the form of an ominous concept album. The canticles within embody a parallel universe consisting of colorful characters and their anecdotes of torture, cannibalism, revenge, and redemption. Musical arrangements vary from delicate balladry, to heavy and experimental, to hip-hop. Goosebread has been described as “an acoustic Devo,” but the new album will also appeal to fans of Zappa, Beck, and Ween. “Blobbik’s Brood” will be released on all digital platforms beginning May 11th and available for purchase on compact disc at

In the 16 years that have passed since their last official release, Goosebread has kept busy by releasing songs and videos primarily on the internet for consumption. The process of putting together the collection of tenebrous tales recorded for “Blobbik’s Brood” has been exhilarating. From Goosebread singer/lyricist Brad “The Provider” Skinner: “This album is steeped in the most grotesque wonderlands and cured with spices from the depths of the most benighted lagoons. I cannot wait for the Breadheads to get their vile claws on it.”

To promote the album’s release, Goosebread has released three animated videos: “Freedom Wagon,” “Bobby the Eater,” and “Windmill Graveyard.”. They have enlisted the services of John Burness Jr. at Arsenal Animation, whose work has been featured on various television programs for Adult Swim and Cartoon Network. The videos are available on Youtube and at

Goosebread is releasing their new album “Blobbik’s Brood” on May 11th. In celebration of the album’s unleashing, they will return to the live stage (for the first time in a long time) with a CD release show at Annabell’s Bar & Lounge in Akron on Saturday, June 2nd.

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Wayne Richards


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