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Contact: Devin Potts
Phone: 1 918 457 0504

TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA – Out of the Oklahoma hills, there walks a man by the name of Silas Clark. A Tahlequah native, Silas Clark has a close spiritual connection with the illinois river and philosophy, and his fascination is reflected in the 80+ multi-part typed compositions of poetry and music which he has contributed to humanity.
Largely underproduced and underpromoted, Silas Clark is a folk and bluegrass songwriter who learned his elaborate and precisely acurrite guitar abilities from veterans of the vietnam war. Clark was taught by these veterans and simultaneously attended and played at underground psycedelic music festivals from 2004-2010. Through all of these experiences and sophisticated mishaps, Silas Clark remains humble and optomistic that he will eventualy be found by the right label in order to market music to his very wide audience of listeners.
Silas Clark is always willing to play events, festivals, large parties, weddings, afterparties, etc. Clark’s best form of contact is 19184570504. his email is