More Than Just a Rapper!


Contact: Antwon Malone
Phone: 2517672108

MOBILE, ALABAMA – Antwon Malone “a.k.a” DollarMadeTrax considers himself more than just a rapper. The industry is starving for fresh faces and new styles of music. DollarMade produces, mixes, and writes his own music. For 10 years, he has perfected his craft by continuing to push himself into greatness. With over 200 songs and two released albums, he is ready to be heard. He feels that he can only go up, at this point of his career and he is not waiting for it to be handed to him. He lives in the studio! He breathes music and is always looking to do more to make his sound better. He began his mission in 2002 by recording his first project entitled “Southern Commission. It never made it as far as he would have liked it to, but he refused to stop there. Producing his second album with an Ensonique SQ6, he was determined to succeed with the tools that he could afford. Nothing should stop a man from achieving his dreams. He opened his own recording studio shortly after that, and is today still pushing for greatness. He says. “I believe in God and I believe in myself. I am hungry and destined to do something big with the talant that I was blessed with, even if it means working harder to get there.