Maria Elena Sanchez Announces Release of Never Heard Songs

Sunday, April 15th, 2012


Maria Elena Sanchez today announced that after many years of songwriting and never exposing her music to the world, she is going to release songs that have never been heard anywhere in the world. Maria Elena Sanchez has decided to share her creations with all who are willing to listen.
A brief background: Maria Elena was born in Cuba in 1953 and started singing and playing piano at the ripe old age of 3. But, being raised in a very conservative family, her father did not permit Maria Elena to follow her dream of being a singer and a songwriter. Maria Elena started to pursue her musical career finally in her early twenties, but destiny again stood in her way. Emergency gall bladder surgery took her singing voice and she decided to take on the career of working mother; raising four children. All during this time, she continued playing piano and singing in church. Maria Elena wrote songs off and on, but never took any initiative to give exposure to her music. Maria Elena turned her lyric writing into poetry and became a published poet. Now, with no more children to raise and time on her hands to do her songwriting, Maria Elena has decided to finally share this long hidden talent with the rest of the world.
Having been born in the 1950’s and living through all the wonderful different eras and music giants plus the many musical styles that came from them, Maria Elena developed a love for ALL types of genres and sounds, and her music demonstrates this variety. Maria Elena’s goal is to have her music heard and sung all over the world, by any and all singers looking to expand their repertoire with songs that will bring them notoriety and arouse the emotions of their listeners.
Maria Elena said, “I am not looking to become a singer at this point in my life, but I want to hear my music sung by as many singers as possible – that is a dream of a lifetime. I know that my songs sung by all those new beautiful voices that are out there in the world today, would be the best gift ever.
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