Manjia Luo Drops New World Music Release ‘Wish Pond’

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Single, “Joy Fluctuation of Wave,” Out Now


Sydney, Australia – September 8, 2017 – With over two dozen albums to her name, Manjia Luo has continued to prove why she is a force within the New Age community with her latest, Wish Pond featuring her lead single “Joy Fluctuation of Wave.”

Eight tracks deep, Wish Pond plays along with her previous releases nicely. Fitting into the consistency of what has made Luo a prominent mainstay in Australia over the years. New Age with hints of jazz, Asian melody, and an instrumental flare is what Luo is best at and known for. Her compositions are overflowing with passion give way to not only the energy met in jazz, but the relaxation felt when listening to New Age.

Netradio noted about Wish Pond, “…each track title is a good imagination idea for the radio program.” With that, her current album is likely to follow in the footsteps of her 2013 release, Sleeping Beauty, which was chosen by the Australian Airline Quantas for their in-flight relaxation channel that season. This is especially true once they hear her lead single, Joy Fluctuation of Wave,” which features the piano in such a way that it’s to be appreciated by those with a true ear for music in its purest form. Since premiering in Europe on AIRPLAYBUZZ in July 2017, “Joy Fluctuation of Wave” has gotten continuous airplay on 11 radio stations throughout France, Russia, USA, Canada, and more.

Those interested in adding “Joy Fluctuation of Wave” to their playlists, reviewing Wish Pond, or speaking with Manjia Luo about her career thus far can get in touch via the information provided below.


Manjia Luo is a New Age artist from Australia with a new album entitled Wish Pond out now.

Manjia Luo

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