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“Maeceo Mobley, The Quintessential Crooner”
Around this time last year, Mobley was in the studio tweaking his solo album, “it’s All About You” at the Cutting Room, NYC; and Bennett studios, NJ. It’s about a year later, and Mobley is in the process of writing and pre production at the Yonkers “writing lab” he built to have accesses to creative tools when inspiration hits in the middle of the night, “like it often does. “All of this preparation is for the second album entitled, “This Way to Love,” scheduled for release in late February 2014. Mobley is back by popular demand! Internet-outlets like CD Baby, and Radio report increasing momentum and plays, had to order more units to keep up with demand shortly after the release of “It’s All About you.”
Artist have their creative processes, Mobley is no exception. he describes his process as simple, “It takes time to create the tracks and arrange the lyrics the way I hear it in my head,” said Mobley. Because of good overseas response, and increasing Internet plays, he thought it best to get started on some new material and have it ready when the need arises. Also in the studio with Mobley is his co-producer and composer, Cecil Hodge. Together they produce a unique sound and style that Delores says, “I like the grooves and lyrics you can relate to.” Mobley promises to continue producing the danceable grooves, soulful, vocals and tight harmonies’ that has made him so popular. The song writing duo is busy writing and composing, preproduction, in Mobley’s Lab and two tracks have made the cut– so far. In the mean time, Mobley will be performing in the greater New York area and at locations and venues all around the east coast. You can get info about performances by subscribing to his Facebook fan page; where you can get the latest about Mr. Mobley
Maeceo Mobley, is a professional musician with extensive touring and performing experience. he has worked with Grammy Award winning artist. He can be contacted
Maeceo Mobley
34 Prospect street # B634
Yonkers, NY 10701
Phone: 914-310- 9584