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Sandy Hook, Mississippi, United States — January 29, 2018 — John Lamar Dean (born August 25th, 2002), known professionally as Trap Youngan Lil Jayy (or, simply, Lil Jayy), is an African American rapper. He gained local attention after the release “Gettin’ Rich (Freestyle)” featuring fellow Sandy Hook rapper Lil Nook in September of 2017. John stated (when interviewed by Trap Youngan Records), “Yes, I’m still looking forward to being worldwide. I’m ready for all of the attention, and I see myself leaving Mississippi.”

Dean was born at the Lakeview Regional Medical Center (in Covington, Louisiana). As a toddler, he lived in Bogalusa, Louisiana, mostly raised by his mother (his home was referred to as the “projects”). At the age of 12, Dean began rapping, because he seen it as a way to get quick money and fame. During Dean’s 8th grade year in school, he was arrested for possession of marijuana on school grounds. He was immediately released, and sentenced to 6 months of active probation.

Dean released his first song, “Supreme”, in 2017. A few other songs followed including “**** Over A *****”, “Instagram Diss”, “Why They Hate”, and “Gettin’ Rich (Freestyle)”. His September of 2017 release, “Gettin’ Rich (Freestyle)”, reached local attention (the release featured Lil Nook). Although Dean released multiple songs, “Gettin’ Rich (Freestyle)” remains his #1 song.

Dean (Lil Jayy) is not yet worldwide, but he plans to be. Currently, he works for Trap Youngan Records (a small record label in Sandy Hook, MS) and still has local attention.

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Trap Youngan Records (previously Kemaury Productions) is a musical group that was founded in 2017 by Kemaury T. Stringer and John… ...Read More

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