Lee Cartel Releases Precious


Contact: Lee Cartel
Phone: 9783906324
Email: leecartel@gmail.com

BOSTON, MA – Following the release of his mixtape “Paper Scraps, which was well received in the streets, Lee went back to the studio to record some original songs. He had one goal in mind, to make catchy radio friendly songs that’ll allow him to reach a much broader audience. While some cringe at the idea of making commercial music, Lee embraces it. He’s never seen himself as being a one-dimensional artist and is ready to attack the commercial market.
While in the studio, he was focused and determined on making a hit song. As a result of this, a song called Precious was created. In Precious, Lee describes what seems to be his dream girl; a woman who carries herself with class and has a tremendous amount of sex appeal. With and old-school feel to the hook, which is sung by C-Scharp, the melody stays in your mind long after hearing the song. And then there is the music which blends in perfectly, each section arranged strategically so the song never skips a beat.
So far, Lee has been receiving great feedback from listeners and hopes that it will continue as he promotes this song on a larger scale. This song has the potential to have a huge impact and get a great deal of attention. It is now available on www.leecartel.com for free download.