LBDat Plans to Bring the Mayhem in May


Queens Rapper with His Eye on the Prize


Queens, New York – April 6, 2016 – The Big Apple is as synonymous with hip hop as it is with pizza and New Year’s Eve. It’s a staple of the city and with that, there are a healthy amount of emcees roaming the streets with a beat. One of rising stars of that scene being LBDat, and with his sampler pad in one hand and a notebook full of well-constructed lyrics in the other – he’s prepping to have a new mixtape out later this spring.

On top of writing and performing, LBDat also takes on the role of producer when it comes to his rhymes. Proving he’s a triple threat in the studio and also that he works harder than most in the game. That hard work has paid off in terms of recognition from notable places like Bless Me Videos, Video Music Box, The Source and many others. All of these platforms as well as artists such as Born Defiant and Blacka Dan have been able to identify the true talent and unique way with music that LBDat possesses. One can hear it for themselves by listening to slick tracks “Personality,” “World Gone Crazy” and the cascade of tracks that have won him “Best Song” on The Akademia not once, twice, but four times; December 2014, February 2015, April 2015 and November 2015.

Taking the old school ways of hip hop and putting a modern twist on them is what LBDat says is one of the most appealing things about his music, according to fans that is. With that, he’s well-versed in rap but has recently been exploring new genres to toss into his mix, including R&B and pop. He’s working on all that and more for his new mixtape, which he plans to drop this May.

Those interested in hearing more from LBDat can check him out online, and stay tuned for his mixtape later this spring.

LBDat is a Queens based rapper who works hard and performs harder on his old school meets new school rhymes.

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