Last Presents “Dance To Life”


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Oakland, California – August 14, 2018 – Last spent much of 2017 compiling music for his initial mixtape, and now he’s hard at work on his official debut Tidal Waves Of Life: In Cali. At the forefront of the LPs release is the lead single, “Dance To Life.”

Representing the new school era of Bay Area hip-hop, Last presents rap with elements of rock and pop interlaced throughout. Best described as multifaceted, his sound is comprised of melodically recorded viewpoints and varying mental states as it is a place where surrealism and reality come face to face as he brings a great diverse spirit to life. He notes, “I’m striving to create a new genre of rap. Exerting lyrical skill, adequacy in enunciation, pronunciation, and delivery while mentally laboring to produce hooks that’ll undoubtedly catch the ears of the listener.”

Those in the know heard all of the above on the mixtape, but can hear it even more in his latest single “Dance To Life.” The lead single that will give more listeners a taste of what is to come on his upcoming release, Tidal Waves Of Life: In Cali. Hip-hop fans can expect an exhibition of conceptual lyricism with versatility that showcases a sound progression when it comes to the overall genre.

Those interested in featuring “Dance To Life” or interviewing Last can reach out via the information provided below.


Last is a Bay Area rapper looking to change the game with his innovative sound with his upcoming release, and latest single “Dance To Life.”



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