Lamb to the Slaughter Prep Remaining Albums of 3-Part Series


Part 1 Available Now

Houston, Texas – March 8, 2017 – Hearing the name Lamb to the Slaughter, one would imagine this was a full throttle metal band. One would be correct, but one would also be surprised and a bit thrilled to learn that’s not all this Texas duo is about. Blending hip hop with elements of metal, Lamb to the Slaughter are delivering a whole new level of rock.

The band is currently working on a 3-part project that includes a triad of albums that will eventually be a psycho thriller version of their sound entitled The T.A.T. Files that all flows together seamlessly in a future box set. Right now the first part/album is available now; T.A.T. Files Part 1 of 3.

Having played throughout Houston at the likes of Union Tavern, Scout Bar and 19th Hole, Lamb to the Slaughter have gained a local following. They plan on being joined by their hometown fans at the upcoming 420 Fest in Houston on April 15, 2017.

Those interested in hearing and learning more about Lamb to the Slaughter, booking them for a gig, or adding any of their music from their first release to their playlists can get in touch via the information provided below.


Lamb to the Slaughter is a hip hop infused metal band from Texas who is working on the second and third albums of their 3-part series.

Lamb to the Slaughter
Russell Harmon

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