Kokee Vega

Kokee Vega

Contact: Kokee Vega
Phone: 562-228-4757
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ANAHEIM, CA. – For the majority of his life, Kokee Vega has understood how much hard work and dedication it took to become successful at anything. Kokee Vega is of Peruvian & Argentinian decent but a native of Peru. Kokee Vega was born in the capital of Peru, lima and his family comes from a small pueblo called Tablada De Lurin. At a very young age Kokee Vegas family moved to Long Beach California. Coming from poverty, raised by a single mother Kokee Vega has always kept a positive attitude throughout his life. He grew a likeness for Hip Hop music at a young age and began noticing how certain artists expressed their feelings and emotions through their music. This gave Kokee inspiration and no doubts at all that he could one day become an inspiring and gifted artist. As a typical adolescent he went thru the ups and downs and found strength in his music. In the 6th grade Kokee Vega was part of a rap group called Larceny, this was a group of four Hispanic artists that were Kokee Vegas closest friends and performed in every major venue in Los Angeles. Kokee Vega is a still close friend with all members today and considers that group the root of his music career. At the age of 18 Kokee Vega decided to join the U.S Navy.

While serving his country, Kokee embarked on an intellectual and sacrificial journey and came across a Hawaiian by the name of Ryan Shane Kaneallii who was also a musician and introduced a very heartfelt genre of island music that influenced his views in music ever since. Four years later after serving Kokee Vega knew deep down that song writing was a gift that he was given and his love for music kept growing. Kokee came back to the states and began recording music with a record company called Most High that his friends from larceny were working with. He began to showcase his talent in various venues in California, playing at numerous gigs and making sure that his name and music were being heard. Kokee then came across another individual by the name Colombia. Together they started making Latin and Spanish hip hop music creating the group llaves dela calle. LLaves Dela Calle has recently released an album called Escuhame. The album has been placed on the television shows on Mun Dos, and recently made the soundtrack to the major film Freelancer,starring Robert De Niro, Forest Whitaker and 50 cent. The video for the single, Telodigo is also produced by the well known director Ulysses Terrero.

Kokee Vega expresses his feelings and emotions throughout his music. He is able to connect with others who may have came from poverty and rose above it. His unique lyrical style consists of a variety of subjects such as love, war, family, anger, and being able to rise above every obstacle. His style reaches out to many different people because Kokee writes music in English and Spanish and does not limit himself to Genres. Kokee Vega realeased an album called Solid Roots wich is available on itunes @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kokee-vega/id635277511?ign-mpt=uo%3D4, It is very hard to put this album in a specific genre, but if I was going to I would have to say it is a reggae, hip hop, latin island album.(please be a judge for your self, Kokee Vega is also working a second LLaves Dela Calle Album and a Reggae project Called United We Stand… which is a collaboration of different musicians through out the country forming the entity United State Of Mind. Be on the lookout for this motivated and passionate individual who is on his way to claim success.Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to his new You-tube channel.http://youtu.be/qi5I9C0__Lo

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