Contact: Kella
Phone: 6163123956
Email: [email protected]

GRAND HAVEN , MICHIGAN – • Contact: Kella
• Tel . 616-846-9481
• Cell . 616-312-3956
• Email:[email protected]

Warrior Released
Kella is the newest upcoming rapper from West Michigan he has powerful lyrics and a go get attitude. He Grew up in Grand Haven a city known for its great once a year festival called Coast Guard.
Now this artist draws his inspiration from all different types of music weather its Hip-hop,Pop,R&B or other various types. Now Jacob Keller also known as Kella says “Hes lived a difficult life but when he turns the music on if feels that those unwelcoming thoughts just float away He’s been through a lot actually. He first started Rapping to forget everything everyone was saying seeking out revenge but now he’s writing his lyrics to inspire others to not give up just keep going. Another one of his quote on quotes is “just because you’ve been going through hell theses last few days this last week this month doesn’t mean it wont get better you never know the next day you wake up you could be on top of the world feeling like a King and Queen Now jake started out his Rap career with just simple writing it was funny like cheesy stuff like Mcdonalds songs Burger King raps it was more like a inside joke sooner than he expected he was writing songs like “RollerCosta Ride Another Great song in the Kella selection.
Now Kella is a hungry artist ready to take control of his future he almost lost hope till ArtistPr came knocking on his door This company showed him the light his passion started burning and flame in his soul started to get bigger his words “I know I can achieve great things I was thinking the same things Kid now I took the liberty to listen to some of his tracks and I hope you can agree this rapper has a lot of potential he is a great amazing young man he just needs to put forth the effort and i believe he can he will do great things.
Now Kella stands for one thing “Warrior a person that never gives up no matter what life throws at them after all if life gives you lemons you make lemonade.

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