Justo Ontario – The spellbinding and the escape we all need


Brooklyn, NY – United Stated — January 4, 2018 — Hailing from the suburbs of DC (Northern Virginia) and now residing in New York, Justo is the modern day renaissance man. Justo is a singer, songwriter, producer and model leaving every listener with a deeply embedded feeling of satisfaction. Justo has opened up for Grammy Awarded Winning singer Elle Varner, Grammy Nominated singer B.O.B and legendary E.U. Band. His eclectic sound of soul and R&B is often compared to Miguel, Maxwell, Prince, and D’Angelo. Referred to as “spellbinding and the escape we all need” by Solange Knowles’ publication SaintHeron.com, Justo Ontario self titled EP is a preview of the timeless music we need today.

His musical background started off at home and in church. His mom was the choir leader at their local church and a professional wedding singer. Justo’s older brother was a skilled drummer who played at church. His dad was a avid 70s music lover, which fueled Justo’s love and knowledge for music. Together they molded Justo’s musical ear and taste in music.

Justo recently released self titled EP has been referred to as “spellbinding and the escape we all need” by Solange Knowles’ publication SaintHeron.com His first single off this project, “Dancin,” was premiered on Dash Radio’s Discover channel and was featured on popular sites Complex, AFROPUNK , You Know I Got Soul, Lyrics N Pride, Deal With No Deal and more! It has received over 15K plays.

In addition to music, Justo has tapped into his modeling side. He has done campaigns with Brooklyn brand Made in Afrooklyn, Puma’s Designer Jahnkoy Maria, and vintage thrift store, Feng Sway. He was featured in Japanese magazine, Woofin Magazine under their Style Wars in New York column.

Justo Ontario’s brand represents individuality, style and healthy living. Justo is here to encourage people to STRIVE for top quality in EVERYTHING they do, think, wear, and eat. He is a true trendsetter and is interactive and engaging with his fans. His fan base is composed of 18-34 yrs old women and men. His music attracts listeners from U.SA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Netherlands, UK, France, Australia, and New Zealand. On average, Justo has 4K social media followers and receives a minimum of 2.5K impressions per post. His likability and fun-loving personality makes him the ideal partner for brands looking to reach the elusive young and mature adults in an authentic way. The possibilities are endless for this rising star!



Justo Ontario
Stephanie Soto – Justo Ontario’s Manager
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Press Kit: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5YtYg_0qVdYY2ZPZ2l5RnF5NWM 

Social Media:

Instagram: Instagram.com/eyeofjusto
Twitter: Twitter.com/eyeofjusto
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/IamOntario/videos
Soundcloud.com: www.soundcloud.com/justoontario


Hailing from the suburbs of DC (Northern Virginia) and now residing in New York, Justo is the modern day renaissance… ...Read More

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