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Meet Johnna Padeken Parel…
A free spirit and social butterfly, Johnna is the youngest of three; with the support and love of her family and enabling parents, Johnna graduated from the University of Hawaii Manoa with a Bachelors Degree in Communications, specializing in Video Production. At the start of her college career, Johnna found that her passion of music would begin to develop and all that she thought she wanted to do in the video production field, was soon overshadowed by music, and everything that came with it.

Being a part of a few reggae bands, Dubsteady and Soulfree, Johnna really didnt realize her desire to sing until her sisters wedding in 2005. Singing acapella within the walls of her church to a catholic hymn, unrehearsed, it was then that Johnna knew, that this is what she would want to do for the rest of her life.

She has been taken under the wings of talented Producer Shawn Pimental and Engineer Mike Grande of Koops2 Entertainment, in Honolulu, Hawaii (Studio Ala Moana). They continue to work on her debut album but her 3 Debut Singles can be found on iTunes and Amazon. Keep an EAR OUT for her Original tunes
“Away We Go,” “Enough,” and “Love Me Right,” and the next batch of singles to hit:)

She has been gigging all over the Hawaiian islands, at restaurants including Haleiwa Joes, Jimmy Buffets and Indigos. She has been playing regularly at Rumfire on Oahu, many wedding celebrations, baby parties, and private events. KAPA FM, KWXX, and KORL air Johnna Padeken Parels’ original tunes and she has been the headliner at their concert series’ that continue to take place. Keep checking her calender for the next gig closest to you! She looks forward to spreading her love of music with you!