Jeff Road Brings the Acoustics with ‘Come Ride With Me’


Singer-Songwriter Releases New Album

Montreal, Canada – September 24, 2016 – Hulu just released a movie about The Beatles and perhaps it will do the same for some kid out there that an older release once did for a young Jeff Road. Seeing the Fab Four in action when he was a young boy captured his attention and filled his spirit with a musical yearning. From there he found his voice, learned to play music and started out performing in a number of local cover bands. When he started to feel like he needed more, he broke out on his own and with that came his latest release, Come Ride With Me.

Road is maestro when it comes to putting the written word to music. Lyrically this singer-songwriter notes that Come Ride With Me mostly deals with songs either about heading elsewhere or waiting for someone to come back. He considers what he creates “manly folk music with a country flavor” that shares times with artists such as Chris Isaac, Jack Johnson and The Rascal Flats. An assortment of talents that rightfully represent what Road can do.

Come Ride With Me is Jeff Road’s third release and showcases his ways with the acoustic guitar, although he can tackle the drums with the occasion calls for it. Music that harkens on the storyteller spirit, Road displays a Springsteen aura when he steps up the mic. Which he likes to do when he steps out in his local Montreal for a show here and there.

Those interested in Jeff Road’s Come Ride With Me can purchase it now, as it’s available on both CDBaby and iTunes.


Jeff Road is a singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada with a story in his heart and a new record of songs on his lips with the release of Come Ride With Me.

Jeff Road

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