Contact: Anthony Waple
Phone: 4404874707

CLEVELAND, OH – Bio: Wizzle started out when he was 13 years old writing songs and making music. At first sampling and being in a couple groups that didn’t work out, he decided to go solo.

EARLY SUMMER 2007: HIGH-DEF RECORDS IS BORN! Wizzle released his 15 song, all original beats record, “Addicted” to much delight and success!

2008: Wizzle put out 5 records in 2008, a 5 song PURE PUNK influence EP titled “The Operation Freedom EP” and the Punk-Hop style returned with Wizzle’s full length, “White Trash With Tattoos”, a 12 song full-length, filled with comedic, fucked up funny songs and a tiny political presence and some VERY DEEP AND PERSONAL STUFF! High-Def Records also collectively released the LONG-AWAITED AUDIO BRAIN-FRY ALBUM, “TALLEY HO! LALALA” IN JUNE 2008 WITH 10 TRACKS OF PURE FUCKED UP INSANITY WITH MOSTLY WIZZLE & DIZZY DOING THEIR FUNNY IMPERSONATIONS! THE CD IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE! HIGH-DEF RECORDS THEN PUT OUT WIZZLE’S 22-SONG, 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ULTIMATE STONER EXPERIENCE ALBUM, “DIME BAG” ON NOVEMBER 25TH, 2008 AND IT CAME WITH A FREE 17 SONG MIXTAPE CALLED “THE SMOKE SESSIONS: RE-DO’S, RE-DUBS, OLD & NEW SHIT!”!

2009: 2009 brought Wizzle’s newest record, “HallucinoGenesis Paradox, a 10-track CD that was released on September 29th! The record has a “Dime Bag feel to it, but has more quality music and less skits to it and has a more TRIPPY sound to it as well.

2010: In 2010, High-Def Records released Wizzle’s FREE EP, “The GreenHouse Effect”. The Cd came out for free on 4:20 with many other gifts, artwork, videos etc. from Wizzle & The Godfather and features an Intro and 4 songs that didn’t make it to Wizzle’s last couple releases, “Dime Bag” and “HallucinoGenesis Paradox”. We at High-Def closed out a fun 2010 with the release of Wizzle’s “Visions”, his best of from 2007-2010, its ONLY $5, and features 17 tracks, our favorites and the people’s favorites!

2011: High-Def welcomes new artists to the Fam, Spazz and Brutal B,! We worked hard in 2011, did many, many shows, promoted, and Brutal B. put out a FREE HALLOWEEN EP that’s available through us and him at select stores and Spazz currently has his SMASH SUCCESS, free cd, “Re-Born Mixtape” available now too!

2012: Wizzle’s new album “Altered States of Mind: The Travels of Dusty Baker” and the FREE BONUS MIXTAPE CD “Toxik Kommunikationz: The Lost Thoughts of Dusty Baker” WILL BE AVAILABLE THIS YEAR! Both CD’s are COMPLETE, ALBUM ARTWORK AND PACKAGING STILL BEING FINISHED UP, DELAYS, DELAYS, LOL!

***Wizzle and Spazz have OFFICIALLY joined forces to form “RipTyde”!!!! THE ALBUM IS ALREADY HALFWAY RECORDED, THESE 2 ARE MAKING COMPLETE DEVASTATION BLENDING THEIR UNIQUE STYLES! Artwork from The Godfather and Brutal B. to be featured and Brutal B. on a few tracks! STAY POSTED FOR MORE UPDATES! HDX, RIPTYDE, 2012 IS OUR YEAR!


RipTyde is coming…. RIDE THE WAVE!