HOW HRD Prepares for a Cascade of Releases


New Album, Compilation & More Coming Soon

Bronx, New York – May 25, 2018 – To say HOW HRD was a slacker would be a downright lie. What other artists can you name that is dropping an album, compilation and a handful of singles within a few months of one another? Not many, if one. Here’s a hint. HOW HRD.

This hip-hop emcee got his start over a decade ago when he started working with Coalishun® Entertainment. By 2005 he dropped his debut single with them entitled, “Let’s Start” and a year later “Restless” was out. He took a bit of a step back for a number of years to focus and get his sound right and now he’s back and better than ever. Come May 31, 2018, he’ll release The Hardship and not even a month later fans can check out C.O.M.P.1. (Coalishun On A Mission Part 1) on June 21st.

The son of a Latina mother and a white father, HOW HRD was raised by his Salvadorian grandmother after his father decided parenting was not high on his list of responsibilities. Growing up mixed in Yonkers without a traditional home life, HOW HRD struggled to find his footing in life but over time overcame the obstacles. His music tells the tales of life without skipping a beat. Every facet of his life in the hood comes across from the poverty to the betrayal. It’s all there for listeners to not only hear but to attach themselves to.

Influenced by the hip-hop that came before him with some rock and Caribbean flare, HOW HRD is ready for the world to hear what he’s been to and take note. Those interested in reviewing or featuring The Hardship or interviewing HOW HRD can reach out via the information provided below.


HOW HRD plans on making 2018 his with a cascade of new releases coming in the next couple of months including an album, compilation, and a handful of features.

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