Hip Hop grew up


Contact: Darien Pasulka
Phone: (708) 925-7467
Email: Dashandahalf@gmail.com

CHICAGO, IL – Everyone who scoffs at Hip Hop as an art form just lost their breath. Da$Htone Is a nine piece band of some of the most talented musicians in Chicago. The Hip Hop we hear today is, let’s face it, getting stale. This group brings a fresh flavor of Hip-Hop that has only been scratched at by groups like The Roots. While seamlessly blending the musicality of Jazz, Funk, Blues, and Rock; Lyrically Da$H deals with things like life, love, experience, and growth (not saying that he can’t rock the mic when it’s called for as well). The band was put together about 8 months ago and is made up of:

Da$H – Emcee
Kelsey Madsen – Vocals
Justin Canavan – Guitar
Neal O’Hara – Piano
Monte Weber – Electric/ Acoustic Violins
Mike Zabrin – Bass
Eli Yahu Gold – Drums
Charlie Kahn – Saxophone
Chris Morgan – Trumpet

The band’s newly released EP can be found at Dashtone.Bandcamp.com

Da$H is the primary composer of all the songs as well as the lyrics and records/produces all of his songs himself. The next step is teaching the bands the basics of the song and letting them do what they’re best at. However for a more in depth lyrical reference, his solo work can be found at Dahtone.bandcamp.com

All of the work is both original and copyrighted and affiliated with McGuire Woods LLC

For Contact and Booking: Dashandahalf@gmail.com (708) 925-7467

Whoever gets their hands on these kids will not be disappointed. That is a guarantee.