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Ypsilanti, Michigan – October 25, 2017 – In the first month of its release Master of Th Game Vol. 1 received airplay in almost 90 countries around the world, and all throughout the United States. Grownmanblesssd also received public recognition from Country sensation Bryan Adams for his single, “Julius Caesar.” That was all within the first month of it dropping in early September 2017. Only time will tell how far the album goes.

Grownmanblesssd began his career as Bishop. As Bishop, he performed at various local clubs and cafes. Under a few alias’ Grownmanblesssd has come to record over 1,000 songs. It’s the nine on Master of Th Game Vol. 1 that he’s come to be the proudest of though to date. It has led him to be heard around the globe as well as to Atlanta’s Media Matters on October 24, 2017, where he is set to make an appearance.

Along with Bryan Adams’ favorite “Julius Caesar,” Master of The Game Vol. 1 features a myriad of other tracks including “Swag” featuring Bullyhendrix, “No Man’s Land,” and “Lavish Life” featuring Bangbang Boogie.

Master of The Game Vol. 1 is available now on iTunes and CD Baby. Those interested in reviewing the album, doing a feature on Grownmanblesssd, or interviewing him can get in touch via the information provided below.


Grownmanblesssd is a Michigan based hip-hop artist with a new album, Master of Th Game Vol. 1, out now.

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