Fred Diezil performing at Seattle Hempfes


Contact: Fred Dieizl/ Evan Perez
Phone: 3604025346

If you haven’t heard Cannabis is now Legal in Seattle so lift your lighters up for a spectacle of flaming hot and smoking Independent recording artists Fred Diezil & Real Life Click. Also, known as the RLC. Washington’s own finds there way to grace the stage of this years Seattle Hempfest 2013 for the Hip-Hop Artist Review, to leave the stage on fire none the less. Delivering that fresh outdoor Fire of music entertainment. Uh oh, Puff Puff goes the DIEZIL! Fred Diezil that is!He will be torching the main stage giving you a body high unlike anything you’ve every felt. Lacing, pipes, bongs and Swisher’s with that ever potent “DIEZIL” BY performing his soon to be chart climbing number #1 hit single “Good time”, “Where Dat Loud At, plus many more! With, that being said your sure to have a “Good time” at this year’s Seattle HempFest. So, be sure to keep your eyes locked to the main stage Aug. 18th around 6pm because, the Hot, Flaming, and definitely BUZZ-WORTHY Indie Artists Fred Diezil & the RLC, who will leave you undeniably satisfied..
Also, keep your eye’s open for RLC Vol. 3;
Fred Diezil’s “She Said” video;
Ang P’s “Chronic & Patron”video;
Miz ft. JC Flores “ShadyVille”, and Downtown 81- The Miz-Tape all coming soon….