Flat Dark Earth – A Nu Feel of Metal


Contact: Clifford Wagner
Phone: (920)286-0282
Email: flatdarkearthband@yahoo.com

NEW HOLSTEIN, WISCONSIN – Flat Dark Earth is a Nu-Metal / Alternative metal band from Wisconsin. They pride themselves on the fact that they do not fit in, in metal shows.

Lead singer Cliff Wagner said “We are too light to be put on a death metal show and we are too hard to be put on a rock show, and thats the way we like it”.

Flat Dark Earth is a 5 piece band that blends metal and rock together giving the average metal listener something a little lighter to bang their head to, and the average rock listener something on the harder side for them. The band enjoys writing music that is different.

Cliff Wagner stated, “Our first rule of the band is that no song sounds the same. So when we go into the writing process we do not know what we are going to come up with until the end. All we know is it is going to sound like Flat Dark Earth just nothing you have heard from us before”.

Flat Dark Earth has just released thier first full length CD entitled “Memoirs of Pain and Anguish” in January 2012.

Cliff Wagner commented on the CD saying. “This whole CD talks a lot about what goes on in my head. At the time of writing it i was having a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. The music is my outlet for these things and i am in a much better place because of it. I wrote a lot of the songs so soliders that are dealing with some of the same issues can understand that they are not alone”.

Flat Dark Earth is currently playing shows in and around Wisconsin to help promote their CD. They are also currently working on new material.

Cliff Wagner commented on the new material, “We are all excited to get back into the writing process. It is like taking a new step into any direction the music feels like taking us.