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Killeen, Texas – April 6, 2018 – Elijah ‘Da Prophet MC has a style that is all his own. A former Marine, he’s done his time serving his country and is now focused on serving his creative side as his rhymes are anything but ordinary.

Listeners can hear the Brooklyn influences in the seams that hold his overall sound together, especially on his latest single “Mri No Have A Blackberry (No Own No Cell Phone).” While he’s representing New York City’s rap scene in his music, Elijah ‘Da Prophet MC also builds foundations upon reggae inspired lyrical structures. Sewn together, Brooklyn meets Bob Marley in a modern-day setting is what one gets when pressing play on anything coming from the creative mind of Elijah ‘Da Prophet MC.

On a non-stop ride to ensure that the world around knows his name, Elijah ‘Da Prophet MC didn’t just create “Mri No Have A Blackberry (No Own No Cell Phone)” but a trio of songs that make up a bangin’ EP that features “It Doesn’t Matter Don’t Believe Dem” and “Anotha School Shooting Come Out” as well. He calls it his “smörgåsbord of music,” so it’s time to dig right in.

On top of the music, Elijah ‘Da Prophet MC is also working on releasing a book entitled The Inevitable Core of Life. While the world waits for that, they can marinate in the music. Those interested in featuring any or all of the singles on their site, playlist or show, or interviewing Elijah ‘Da Prophet MC can reach out via the information provided below.


Elijah ‘Da Prophet MC is well versed and vibrant artist trailblazing his way to the top with his one of a kind style that can be heard on his latest release, “Mri No Have A Blackberry (No Own No Cell Phone).”

Elijah ‘Da Prophet MC
Elias Lopez

Official Site: http://www.elijahdaprophetmc.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPdXeMLR5kXQJPkyd1MtEfg

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