Donnet drops her first single “This Life” off the EP ‘Boom Box Classic’



Bronx, New York – August 12, 2016 –  “Shawty you ain’t ‘bout this life. Studio on early mornings party late nights…” Donnet raps on her lead single “This Life” which the rapper speaks to perception. “So many like to portray a lifestyle or create a falsehood that doesn’t exist. Most aren’t who they seem cause they’re not about the life they claim”.

Boom Box Classic will be Donnet’s first official indie release on Music Life Audio Group record label as their first official act. This will also be Donnet’s premiere project showcasing her as a writer and producer. With “This Life” receiving a warm welcome it shows the urge for crafted songs to bouncing tracks. Possessing other great offerings on the EP such as “Dues”, “Part ofMe” & “Here” she mixes thought provoking lyrics with creatively meshed sounds.

On top of releasing Boom Box Classic, Donnet will also release her instrumental project with Don Suave Productions. Utilizing her influences of R&B, Hip Hop, House & Caribbean, fused with modern melodies, she’s created a hybrid vibe. Donnet indulges in edgy baselines with infectious melodies in the niche of party music.

“Fusing my love of music with the energy of party tracks, I always create a song I know that I can bounce to”. Her focus is creating timeless music. “I want to craft classics that transcends time, no matter when it’s played, it’s relevant cause that’s quality” she continued. “It would be nice to see the birth of another brilliant age for music. Timing is everything and the time is now!”

Watch Donnet’s riveting video “Part Of Me” on Youtube. Song also available on iTunes, Google Play. Visit for exclusive content. Please visit for all instrumental inquiries.


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