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Vancouver — November 1, 2018 — TORONTO: This Summer, DJ Digger Jones, and his band A Close Encounter will be launching their first album and official tour. With shows across the GTA and Ontario, fans and industry bigwigs are praising this album, Burning Jerusalem for its bold lyrics, catchy choruses, and powerful presence.

WHO IS DIGGER? Digger Jones is a Canadian rap/rock artist that has merged hip-hop beats with guitar-driven rock that creates high energy shows full of comedy, art and inspiring music for audiences both young and old. Studying music in the both University of Toronto and The Royal Conservatory of Music, Digger plays on the fringes of Jazz-rock (The Dave Mathews Band) with a street presence like hip-hop giants Nas and 2Pac. With music videos being released before the tour launches, a buzz has been quickly building and everyone wants to know, who is DJ Digger Jones?

April 27th, 2019: The day the tour begins! DJ Digger Jones and his backline or young professional musicians will not only be throwing a wicked good concert, that you can look up more details online but will also be shooting a live concert music video, launching a tour and handing free swag bags of merch.

NEW LEGACY…In the 6ix: The day has finally come, DJ Digger Jones has arrived! With banging singles like “Bright Lights” and “Kush”, New Legacy pushes to become the hip-hop album of the year. Blending soaring lead guitars with melodic dubstep drops and profound heavy hitting, yet witty lyrics, this album has songs that every hip-hop enthusiast can enjoy. The album release concert will be at The Revival NightClub (College) , but not only will fans get a chance to see DJ Digger Jones’ team perform before they set off on their first tour, but fans will also get a chance to participate in an online survey, a live concert music video and a chance to win Free swag bags full of merch. You will not want to miss this once in a lifetime event, trust me!

The engine of this project, Digger is a Canadian rap/rock artist that writes all his own lyrics, plays all his own instruments and can even rap and play lead guitar at the same time! His lyrics are reminiscent of 2Pac and his rifts like Linkin Park.

Be one of the few media and industry people invited to the live concert/music video of “Better Left Unsaid”, one of the singles on the New Legacy album that launches its tour this Summer 2019. This will be a great time for bloggers, journalists, label reps, and venue bookers to see DJ Digger Jones showcase his multiple talents for a packed club, diverse crowd and film crew capturing it all. The show/music video shoot promises to feature guest rappers, DJ’s and choreographed dance routines to singles such as:
Better Left Unsaid, Light One Candle, and New Legacy

In general, you have to check out New Legacy, the newest album released by Digger Jones’ project Close Encounter. With music videos coming out in the near future, you the greatest fans in the world will have a chance to see the whole process of Digger Jones’ rise to fame.

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Digger Jones is a Canadian rap/rock artist that has merged hip hop beats with guitar driven rock that creates high… ...Read More

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