Dear Digital Lover, Rescue Me


Chicago, IL. — February 1, 2018 — 5 years after his first commercial release, LeTroy Toussaint is back with a new sound & a new album. “Rescue Me”(©2018 BeatSupreme Records) is a concept album that tells the tale of falling in, then out, then back in love again.

“Rescue Me” is not just another indie album by another indie artist. LeTroy Toussaint delivers a emotional performance that has the basic components of a smash; boy meets girl, girl leaves boy, boy moves on, girl comes back & boy realizes it just won’t work.

Pound for pound “Rescue Me” is a flashback to the days of DAT tapes & the JV 2080. From the first song to the last, LeTroy Toussaint delivers a powerful performance that will leave the listener bound to one of two choices, get in tune or get out the band.

With songs like “Digital Lover”, “Same Old Player”, “Running Back To Her” & “Shoulda Been” LeTroy Toussaint develops a perfect blend of programming & live instrumentation throughout this album. “Rescue Me” was originally released New Years Day as a digital download on iTunes, The Google Play Store,, The Tidal App & many other digital platforms around the world.

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LeTroy Toussaint is a Singer/Songwriter from Chicago, IL.

LeTroy Toussaint
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