Contact: Darien Pasulka
Phone: (708) 925-7467
Email: [email protected]

CHICAGO, IL – Da$H was born in the heart of Chicago. He grew up playing football and basketball but ended up deciding not to pursue sports as a career a few months before his high school graduation. While he had the drive and the skills, he decided that this was no way to spend one’s life. The poetry that he had been writing for several years, to this point, grew to be the only thing he was doing that he actually cared about into his second year as a psychology student and dropped out. Taking a little bit of time after school to figure out how to actually make a living off poetry he joined America’s working class. It was then when it all became clear, Hip Hop; the only medium in which poetry was commonly sold, bought, and most importantly, digested. He started writing on popular instrumentals and GarageBand loops, but this became pretty unsatisfying. The beats were cheesy (both types) which led him to make his first big investment in his music career, attending Columbia College Chicago to study music. Despite not even knowing what a chord was, he took to music school like a fish to water. Getting almost straight A’s in each level of music theory class he started composing more and more developed and complex songs. In 2011 he assembled his first band complete with drums, guitar, piano, bass, trumpet, sax, violin, and female vocals; Da$Htone. The music was unheard of. Drawing influence from artists like Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique, John Legend, Lauryn Hill, Jack Johnson, Citizen Cope, Amy Winehouse, and Blu; the music was honest and pure promoting love, peace and understanding, “If violence is the answer, than the question… it was wrong anyway/Let’s build something great. There has never been a limit on what love will create- Felix by Da$H.
The band is currently gigging around the Chicago area and has the following tools ready to go: Keyboard/Amp, Guitar/Amp, Drumset, 3 vocal mics/1 PA speaker, Violin/Amp, Bass/Amp, Trumpet, and Sax.