Da Poloman Announces the Release of His New Album ‘It’s Real’

Da Poloman Announces the Release of His New Album 'It's Real'

Hackensack, NJ — May 9, 2016 — Da Poloman is excited to announce the release of his new album, It’s Real, an album that will give listeners the enjoyment of music while still keeping up to date with current events hidden in subliminal text within the lyrics.

It’s Real is a way to introduce the world and hip hop community to Da Poloman. As a new artist in the industry, he believes his album will influence all listeners to want to learn more about politics. Da Poloman is looking to reach teens of today’s society as well as young adults. He notes, “When I see a lost thirsty creature I’m not the type to make comical jokes out of the goat, because the goat isn’t smart enough to find the water hole. I rather give the goat the knowledge and confidence to keep trying, until that water hole is found.”

Those interested in hearing more from Da Poloman can check him out here.


Da Poloman’s It’s Real is an influential guide away from negativity. He is a new artist looking to guide today’s society away from the negative impact of ignorance. Currently, he is looking to reach all young teens as well as adults.

Da Poloman
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