Coming Of Age, Latest Entry In The Magnum Opus Series, Explodes Into A New Stage.


Beacon, NY, USA — December 24, 2015 — A series that began as a passionate, and memorable Tour de Force , has risen to an even higher level. Magnum Opus: Coming of Age sets a new bar making a statement for the legacy of the artist- Jokatech. This is a powerful ride through creative and lively original compositions, and passionate story-telling

This is to announce the arrival of the follow up to Jokatech’s Magnum Opus: Res Ipsa Loquitur album, which was released August 2014. This is Magnum Opus: Coming of Age. It is accompanied by a novel which is also a sequel in the series. This album more than picks up where the artist left off. As an artist, Jokatech a.k.a Jason K. Addae, has always been passionate about music and art education. The first album in the series showcased an exhibition of academic and light-hearted approaches to creative compositions. In this follow up album, the sound and creativity are turned up to an even higher notch. This album is an immediately memorable and touching explosion of musical passion and triumph.

“Picture the Scene.” While the first double album was aimed at showing the different ways to express through music, this album is about defying expression. There aren’t breaks in this ride, only an array of moods, and a clear look into the world that lies beyond what the first album introduced. You will listen to this one over and over again, as the tunes on this record are both deep, and rhythmic. They are tunes that will become instant standards in the hearts and minds of the listeners, on quite the explosive ride.

This album is a sequel that attacks with the force of a powerful conclusion. Its release will be worldwide, and it should be the talk among all who it reaches.

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Jason K. Addae

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