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SOS Portland Out Now

St. Pete, Florida – August 20, 2017 – America chose a leader in November 2016 that many citizens do not and cannot trust, including reggae rockers Cold Joon. That is why they are working hard to do their part in making it known that the USA will not stand with someone who is transphobic, sexist and racist with their latest release, SOS Portland.

Seven members strong, Cold Joon have been playing in and around Tampa Bay for 17 years now. When they started they obviously could not have imagined how far downhill their country would fall into the hands of a reality star billionaire turned leader of the free world. Unfortunately, that is where they, and the rest of the country, currently are. Only, they are not going to sit idly around and say nothing. With the power of creativity and art, they are expressing their disdain towards #45 with their music.

Cold Joon isn’t just interested in selling their music, they want to perform it at anti-Trump rallies as well. So those interested in having them perform at their next rally or protest can get in touch via the information provided below.

Cold Joon is a reggae rock group from Tampa Bay, Florida who are fed up with the president, and not standing for it anymore. With a new anti-Trump album out now entitled SOS Portland, they are looking to promote it at various anti-Trump rallies and protests.

Cold Joon

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