Clizz The Rapper: High Energy, Deep Message.


Fort Smith, Arkansas – January 10, 2017 – Clizz is a rapper from Small Town, USA, delivering fast up beat lyrics with a playful, sometimes darker, undertone. Clizz is lighthearted through sarcastic word play and enjoys making the listener think.

Fans of a more personal and relate-able type of hip hop will thoroughly enjoy Clizz’s word play and positive messages alongside a hilarious outlook on social occurrences. Clizz takes extra care to push a deeper level of thinking from writing from an outsiders point of view, and listeners can find themselves in his lyrics. Fans first hear the words, then they feel the words.

With a wide array of styles and emotions, any person can grow to be a fan of Clizz’s bouncing lyricism and fun take on serious subjects. Clizz strives to make music that can improve anyone’s mood and level of self worth through originality and complexity,

Fans of great, original hip hop, can find many videos and tracks on the Clizz YouTube Channel. New content is uploaded regularly.


A rapper, father, and fashion enthusiast, Clizz finds inspiration in just about anything you can have an emotion from. Clizz writes with no filter whatsoever, which helps convey his message.

Bryan Clark


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